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Strengths and weaknesses of character born on February 1

Aries -Selfish Taurus — money minded Gemini — talkative Cancer — home lovers Leo — Show off Virgo — logical Libra — diplomatic Scorpio- secretive Sagittarius- open minded Capricorn- success oriented Aquarius- eccentric Pisces — emotional. Capricorns — annoying and they work too much but most of them just suck at their job. But they will always want to tell you how together their life is.

Libra men are hippies, and libra women are self-righteous Virgo — Mess.

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Total and complete mess. Cancer — Emotional and all over the board Gemini — Childish. Leo — Charmer. This is all so accurate. I Myself am a cancer and this is dead on with me loving my home life and being home body pretty much. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How would you rate this relationship:.

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February 1 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Thelonelybee September 26th, Great info. Wonderful information, thanks a lot for sharing kind of information. Lindie January 18th, Nathan Luise August 20th, Who was born on February 1 is ambitious, decisive — not always willing to keep their promises. Developed psychologically and mentally — sympathetic towards spiritual people and scholars. They express significant strength of character of a sense of self-dignity. It should be noted that the excessive love for freedom and strong passions might lead them too far and even put them at risk.

So they should learn to adapt to their surroundings. For it would be a greatly painful to them if, in all their love for independence, they were forced to give in to necessities and become dependent on others. Ambitious and decisive — it should be deduced that they will direct their superior.

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Although they will have a great effect on them — many dangers will arise because of it. To learn self-control as soon as possible and understand that their superiors and those of higher standing are just as jealous of their rights and privileges are they are.

They must also strive to overcome their uneasiness, trying to see only the good sides in everything around and not to condemn people too hastily. They must not make promises they cannot keep, and have to dutifully live up to once given word. They should consult their own conscience about everything, for this inner voice will give them the best advice in the most important matters.

They usually have many friends who influence them significantly.