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Emotional self-indulgence is a potential downfall for you. You know a good opportunity when you see one, and you are generally not afraid to take a risk. The following are our intermediate astrology main topics. Click on these departments to access multiple articles on the subject:.

Chinese Astrology — learn your sign, element, and about the year ahead, , the Year of the Pig or Earth Boar.

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The Lunar New Year and astrological year began on February 4th and 5th, The Year of the Rat will begin in February The following are just some of our astrological tools and tables :. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use found here.

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Clean yourself fit! Experts reveal the calories you burn doing the household chores - including the The Queen is 'a fan' of 'unflappable' Kate Middleton who shares her 'keep calm and carry on' approach, a No cheating! The extreme methods teachers use to keep pupils in line - including installing CCTV and How good are YOUR table manners? Etiquette quiz tests your knowledge of cutlery and wine glasses - and Mother who put her five children on a day 'tech detox' without any TV or iPads says it dramatically Escape to the Chateau viewers praise Angel and Dick's 'brilliant' utility room makeover after they revive a Personal trainer reveals she was 'thin shamed' by friends after losing lbs - and says she cut them out of Mother reveals how she came to forgive the drunk driver who killed her son, 25, in a car crash eight years Those born with Pluto in Aquarius have an incessant need to reform the culture and society in which they are born.

If the aspects aren't favorable, the individual develops a fanatical and dangerous revolutionary spirit which creates more harm than good. During the cycle of Pluto in Aquarius the French Revolution and also the American revolutionary wars highlighted the impact of an Aquarian Pluto on human history.

Medicine and other scientific pursuits began to take precedence. During the coming phase of Pluto in Aquarius , incredible discoveries for the benefit of humanity will occur and the Age of Aquarius will finally come into its own. Being the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces reflects the pinnacle of human consciousness and represents the most sublime aspect of humanity. With Pluto in Pisces, the individual works tirelessly to develop the psychic and esoteric aspects of his nature. This is a cosmic or universal energy. If Pluto's placement in Pisces has dignity, the individual will work towards the good of his fellow man.

The reverse leads to self-delusion and fixated religious expression.

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Pluto passed through Pisces in and completed its transition in during which tremendous cultural and artistic change occurred. Revolutionary artists expressed a departure from old romantic and medieval forms to accelerate a cultural and artistic consciousness. During the forthcoming cycle of Pluto in Pisces between and , we will see an inconceivable development of the inner faculties of mankind as a whole and the use of telepathy, psychic insights, and true spiritual healing. Underlying this material and the unavoidable process of birth, decay and death are the eternal principles of Spirit and self-transformation.

This process of Time or Pluto gradually unfolds our individual and collective lives for the ultimate improvement of all. May Pluto in his spiritual essence bless us with self-awareness and the deeper spiritual gifts of Nature! Free Charm Casts Oracle.

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People have used charm casts to protect themselves from evil and ensure good things since the beginning of our species. Free I Ching Readings. The I Ching Book of Changes has been used as a method of divination for over years. Free Mahjong Readings. This reading sets the tiles in the celestial form instead of the terrestrial format that is used in navigational compasses. The link between astrology and numerology is not always immediately understood but on closer scrutiny will be seen to be very much so. Karma Luck and Spirituality.

Too often we become caught up in ideologies, dogmas and religions of all sorts. Face Reading. Characteristics like honesty, intelligence and reliability are major attributes that we all seek in ourselves and others.

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The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. The word Zodiac literally means animals and refers to the patterns or configurations of creatures as seen in the twinkling stars at night. How will Uranus, the Disruptor in Taurus, affect your star sign? The buzz around astrological and news circles right now is Uranus in Taurus. Over the past 20 years our lives have been radically reshaped by the digital and information revolution. The Astrological Significance of Mother. This month's specials are available to all visitors and offer substantial savings on already discounted reports, products, and services!

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My Next 3 Month Forecast. This daily personal astrological calendar is unique to you and will give you a sneak preview of what's in store. My Love Forecast. My Question Answered. Horary astrology is a system of divination using horoscopes prepared for the time of a question. Any negativity you've experienced in your relationships can now be turned into a positive. You know What's happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

The Sun and Venus regulate your love You can come out of hiding now. You'll be fired up and ready to get back into the swing of things so Your principal love planets are Merc Setting boundaries will help avert serious consequences in any friendship or negotiations of a profe Venus Jupiter and Mars rule your romance, marriage and friendships respectively.

Studying the transi Holding on to what you've worked hard for is important. You'll even have to fight to hold on to some Communicate slowly and sincerely with your children if you're a parent. This is a time for bonding m Your marital planet, Uranus is stationary and direct on January 7 and indicates intimate links betwe The planets indicate undercurrents of emotional frustration that may dampen your love life at presen You want responsible craziness! Leading up to January 14 Jupiter squares Neptune with an additional Your competitive spirit is high now and you, therefore, need an adequate outlet to prove that not on An undercurrent of passion throughout Mars is the dominant planetary player in your horoscope It's difficult to calm the hysteria if you are part of the kerfuffle going on all about you.